Sunday, January 16, 2011


Faith, who brings me closely connected to God.

Hope, that carries out the slightest dream.

Together Faith and Hope, reaches their hand and guides the light that was once darkened.

Faith, is a piece of me that is silent once I speak to the man upstairs and it only comes out everyday,but in an extraordinary way.

You see, what is beautiful about Faith and hope, is the mere idea behind my kind-hearted ways. I don't boast about what I have, yet I share it. I don't cry because I want to, I cry because I have to. Faith and Hope, allows me to carry a purpose of helping others without thinking twice just because I AM A HELPER.

Caught off guard by my actions, those close to me have asked, WHY are you so kind? response I Just am, I don't know why.

My Faith and Hope is behind what God allows me to be and what I love to do as a human is being Helpful.

Faith and Hope can bring you a long way to everything you desire! :)

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