Monday, April 5, 2010

The Storm

The storm
In the outside view everything seemed magical,
Transitions were difficult to be self-motivated,
Allowing the wisdom of others to carry my dreams through,
The storm cast its rain, thunder, and lighting…
Pushing and pulling my every move.
Careless I ran onto the unknown,
Careless I thought it would be smooth,
Taking risk and never looking back I thought I came prepared,
Shielded from the sun and clouds,
The storm caught me through the worst moment,
Blinded by satisfaction of the sun and the clouds,
Never thought the storm would come and tear me into pieces,
Broken into the thunder of wisdom, the lighting of others, and the rain of tears.
Lost and confused the storm has yet to ease for now.
Search for the rainbow at the end of the storm has not been found…
Fog seems to never clear up; when all possible seems impossible the storm comes!

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